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Herrin, Taylor, Lanier, Curry Family of S.IL, KY, TN, NC

William Elisha Herrin brought his family to the Rushing Creek settlement before 1795, making him one of the earliest settlers in what is now Benton County, TN. Traveling through the Cumberland Gap along the southern fork of the Wilderness Road to Fort Nashboro and then farther west to the Tennessee River was no accident. They left the Kings Mountain area of North Carolina to join family members who were establishing a new community at Rushing Creek. Joseph Rushing, a founding settler of the new community, was married to William Elisha’s sister, the former Emily Herrin.

Ties between the Herrin-Rushing families began in the Virginia and North Carolina colonies. Early records from Isle of Wight County, Virginia show both families in that area since 1715. At that time Herrin was spelled “Herring” and Rushing was “Russian.” Past these early connections and the marriage of Emily Herrin to Joseph Rushing, three of William Elisha’s children married Rushing family members.

William Elisha was born at Herrin’s Grove or Herrin’s Creek in the disputed area of Kings Mountain, North Carolina on July 7, 1730. He is the oldest fully documented Patriarch of this family branch. His parents are believed to have come to the Colonies from Wales even tho the actual family origins are in the Black Forest region of Southern Germany around Herrenalb.

On May 5, 1765, Elisha was married to Mary Agniss Abimlick. Mary Agniess was born in North Carolina on October 2, 1735, but no information is available concerning her parents. The couple had 11 children, all of whom migrated to West Tennessee.

Following Elisha’s military service with General Sumpter’s South Carolina Brigrade during the Revolutionary War, the couple migrated to the new lands west of the Appalachians. They acquired over 400 acres of farm land in Humphreys County and land belonging to family members on all sides

Harrisburg Daily Register, Harrisburg, IL

Cave In Rock Grade School Class Photo abt. 1920

Battery Rock, Hardin Co. Cemeteries

Peter's Creek Cemetery Photo's Link



HERREN FAMILY IN IRELAND (Updated 1/02/2008)




Herren Family Information Summary (Jan 2, 2008)

Heron Herrin(g) born Abt. 1770 in North Carolina, and died 1817 in Camden County, Georgia. He married ANN (?) HERRIN(G).

Moses Herrin b. 1755 in Wales *Added May 6, 2002

**William Elisha Herrin & Mary Agnis Abimlick Ancestery, m. 05May1765 in NC. Son of Thomas Herron and grandson of John Heron of Ireland; plus Curry, Jenkins, Goreman, Taylor, Lanier, Rushing, Greer, Bain Family Connections. **UPDATED Jan 5, 2008.**

John Herring b. 1620 England d. 1672 in Isle of Wright Co VA.

Page 1. The family record of Abimlick and Sarah Herrin was preserved in a songbook entitled "Songs of David", published in 1711 in Scotland. The book was handed down to a fourth generation grandson, George W. E. Herrin, who moved to Ada, OK in 1920, then passed along to his son, Penn Herrin of Seattle, Washington, over a hundred and seventy years later.

Page 2 of Psalms of David (not too clear, but the best I have).

Page 3 of Psalms of David.


Elisha Herrin b. 1780 d. 1855 & wife Sarah Rushing b. 1781 d. 1836 Tomb Stone. Also includes Agness Herrin's Tombstone, b. 1735 d. 1825. Rushing Creek, Benton Co., TN

Older view of Elisha & Sarah Herrin Tomb stone seen above.

Abimlick Herrin b.July 13, 1789 d. July 13, 1862 wife Sarah b. Dec. 20, 1796 d. Sept. 1864; son John D., b. Sept 25, 18?? d. Jan. 6, 1830, Rushing Creek, Benton Co., TN

Older view of above stone of Abimlick, Sarah & son John D. Herrin

Mary Hudson Herrin Tombstone wife of William Oliver Herrin b. Sept 2, 1833 d. Feb. 21, 1914, Benton Co., TN

Collage of Herrin Tombstones from Benton Co., TN


BIOGRAPHY OF WILLIAM HARVEY HERRIN 1875 - 1955, B. Webster Co., KY, D. Hardin County, IL. ***July 25, 2001***

Jas. T. Taylor b. 1820 VA. & wife Elizabeth M. b. 1840. Buried at Beaver Cem., Hardin Co., IL. UPDATED April 2, 2003.

Harve Herrin rightWm. Harve Herrin (right), b. 1875, Webster Co., KY, son of Geo. Washington Herron & Elizabeth Curry Thompson.

Joseph Daniel Herrin, Born 1784 in NC & Nathan Herrin Genealogy Report.

Isaac MCCUAN b.Abt. 1765 in Shenandoah County, VA & Mary HANNON

Isaac Herrin born March 02, 1761 in Duplin, NC. Married Unity Cannon. Posted Feb. 22, 2003


DAVID WATSON Genealogy B. 1767 S.C. moved to Benton Co., TN

Elizabeth HerrinElizabeth Curry Thompson Herrin. b. 1835 d. 1923. Wife of Geo. Washington Herrin (widow). Mother of Wm. Harvey, James, Benjamin, Kathleen Thompson, Ressie.

Elizabeth Curry Herrin Grave Marker

Cathleen Thompson HillRebecca Cathleen Thompson Hill

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George Washington Herron b. 1814 d. 1891. Husband of 1) Sarah Crews 2) Elizabeth Curry Thompson (widow)White Oak Baptist Church Cemetery, Near Dixon, KY.

Beverly Herrin Grave Stone b. May 4, 1812 d. May 2, 1881. White Oak General Baptist Cemetery, Webster Co., KY.

S.E. Herrin Grave Stone b. May 21, 1807, d. August 11, 1894, White Oak Baptist Church Cemetery, Dixon, KY.

William Oliver "Buck" Herrin Tomb Stone b 1859 d. 1919 & wife Margaret, IOOF Cemetery, Clay, Webster Co., KY

Burl Watson Hearon Tomb Stone b.1916 d. 1950; Lola I. b.1920 d. 1992; Elbert b. 1903 d. 1978, IOOF Cemetery, Clay, Webster Co., KY

Jim HerrinJames Herrin (son of Geo. W. Herron & Elizabeth Curry) & wife, Myrtle Jenkins

Ben Ressie Jas HerrinBen, Ressie & James Herrin, children of Geo & Elizabeth Herrin.

Ben HerrinBenjamin Herrin (son of Geo W. & Elizabeth Herrin) & wife Triny ?

Unknown Herrin?

Patton, Mason Family Site ***UPDATED JULY 25, 2001***

James S. Curry & Rebecca Morgan m.November 2, 1836, Gallatin Co., IL. Lived in Webster Co., KY. *See item 16 on report*. UPDATED June 10, 2002


Asa Lanier b. 1811, TN. & Martha Sawyers b. 1818 KY, married 1839, Gallatin County, IL. (Updated Dec. 30, 2001)

Herrin FamilyHerrin, Taylor Family, Cave In Rock, IL abt. 1948

Methodist Church Grp1935 Women's Methodist Church Group Cave In Rock, IL. Sitting,second row L->R: McDonald, Cleo Mason, Maude Kerr, Cathrine Kerr & last one is Gwendilyn Oxford. Back Row Standing: 4th from right is Clara Herrin, center is Kathleen Herrin, 3rd from right is Katie McDonald (piano teacher & Maude Kerr's sister). 8th from left standing is Ruth Herrin Rutherford. Bottom row sitting child in sailor suit is Billy Herrin Oxford.

Elsie Taylor HerrinElsie Taylor Herrin b. 1877 (dau. of Wm Daniel & Clara Taylor & wife of Wm. Harvey Herrin)

Harve & Elsie Herrin's House Burned, Cave In Rock, IL. 1955

James Harvey Herrin b. 1899, d. 1909, son of Wm. Harvey & Elsie Taylor Herrin.

James Harvey Herrin Grave Marker, son of Wm. Harve & Elsie Taylor Herrin.

William Harve Herrin's Obit, 1955

Horace and Clara HerrinWilford Horace Herrin (son of Wm. H. & Elsie Herrin) & wife Clara Fletcher

Dud and Nigel Blaine Herrin

Otis HerrinOtis Turner Herrin (son of Wm. Harvey Herrin & Florence Hunter) & wife Nina Gorman

Otis Turner Herrin Grave Marker

Wm. Clarence "Dud" Herrin Grave Marker (son of Wm. Harvey Herrin & Florence Hunter)

Cleo and Jewell TyreCleo & Jewell Tyre (daughters of Ressie Herrin Tyre).

Earlo HerrinWalter Earlo Herrin, b. 11Nov1915 Cave In Rock, IL. d.1980 Carrier Mills, IL. Son of Wm. Harve & Elsie Taylor Herrin. Father of Robert Harvey & Elizabeth Earlene Herrin. Husband of Cleo Mason Herrin.

Walter Earlo Herrin Thomb Stone, N. America Baptist Church Cemetery, Saline County, IL.

Cleo Mason HerrinCleo Elizabeth Mason Herrin, b.10Apr1915, Cave In Rock, IL. d. Sept. 1990, Carrier Mills, IL. (Wife of Walter Earlo Herrin)

Bob HerrinRobert Harvey Herrin, b. 01Jan1938 Rosieclare, IL. (Son of Walter E. & Cleo Herrin)

Robert Harvey Herrin Grave Stone d. 2Aug1971, St. Petersburg, FL.

Elizabeth E. Herrin

Ruth HerrinRuth Herrin Rutherford d. 1960 in Metropolis, IL. Daughter of Harve & Elsie Herrin & Oren Rutherford (husband)

Bernice HerrinBernice Herrin Oxford Smith. (dau. of Wm Harvey & Elsie Herrin. Mother of Wm. H. Oxford and first wife of Ray Oxford.) Died 1985 in Carrier Mills, IL.

Harve Herrin House, abt. 1920, Cave In Rock, IL.

Ruth Herrin, Hazel Duffy, Bernice Herrin, Cave In Rock, IL.

Harve Herrin House 1937 Flood, Cave In Rock, IL.

Hazel Duffy and Earlo Herrin, Cave In Rock, IL.

Beverly Herrin Grave Stone b. Oct. 9, 1859 d. March 27, 1946

Burley b. 1883 d. 1916, Myrtle Herrin b. 1888 d. 1976

Ed b. 1874 d. 1954, Fannie Herron b. 1877 d. 1970

Enoch Herrin b. Jan. 19, 1880 d. Dec. 10, 1956

Pearl Herron, b. Dec. 7, 1888, d. Dec. 5, 1963, wife of Enoch Herron

Mayme Herrin, wife of Enoch b. Apr. 26, 1886 d. Aug. 19, 1908

Enoch Herrin Tombstone b.1884 d. 1951; IOOF Cemetery, Clay, Webster Co., KY

Wm. Harve b. July 25, 1875 d. Jan. 20, 1955, Elsie Herrin b. Dec. 7, 1877 d. May 22, 1961, Masonic Cemetery, Cave in Rock, IL.

Tommy L. Herron b.1919 d. 1944; 36th Division, 141 Inf., 7th Army, Buried in France

Clarence J. Herron Cript b.1904 d.2000; wife Anna K. b. 1914 d. 1994, IOOF CEMETERY, CLAY, Webster Co., KY

Carrol W. Hearin Tomb Stone b. 1900 d. 1969; IOOF Cemetery, Clay, Webster Co., KY

Gammon Herron Tomb Stone b.1890 d. 1990 wife Earl Lee b. 1901 d. 1955; IOOF CEMETERY, Clay, KY.

W. W. Hearon Thombstone b. 1859 d. 1942, wife Florida M. b.1873 d. 1950, IOOF CEMETERY, Clay, Webster Co., KY.

Gordon Hearon Tombstone b.1913 d.1991; wife Nadine (no dates) Judith b. 1947 d. 1965; Dixanna b. 1940; Gary D. b. 1938; IOOF Cemetery, Clay, KY.

James D. Hearin Tombstone b.1898 d. 1927, IOOF CEMETERY, Clay, Webster Co., KY

John W. Hearin b.1867 d. 1935; wife Ollie M. b.1877 d. 1955, IOOF Cemetery, Clay, Webster Co., KY

Charles B. Hearin Tombstone b.1895 d. 1977 wife Alla Mae b.1901 d. 1972; IOOF Cemetery, Clay, Webster Co., KY

Henry Gregston Herrin b. Nov. 24, 1888 d. April 9, 1976; Odessa Threlked Hearon b. Aug. 18, 1888 d. Dec. 27, 1976

Henry T. Hearon b. July 9, 1908 d. Nov. 25, 1989; Vera V. b. Jan. 6, 1908 d. Mar. 24, 1987

John W. Hearon b. March 9, 1839; Martha J. b. July 30, 1842 d. April 28, 1918.

Jursha Nevlyn Herrin b. June 12, 1906 d. Nov. 16, 1953

Mandy Rushing b. 1874 d. 1962

Ollie R. Herrin b. Dec. 21, 1882 d. Jan. 18, 1883, daughter of J. W. & M. Herrin

James L. Herron b. 1865 d. 1926 wife Hester E. b. 1876 d. 1956. IOOF Cemetery, Clay, Webster Co., KY

Walter Earlo Herrin birth certificate, November 11, 1915

Robert Harvey Herrin Birth Certificate, January 1, 1938

Earlo Herrin & Cleo Mason Marriage License, April 28, 1935

Old Cave in Rock Pictures

American Civil War Timeline


Illinois 131st Regiment Infantry organized at Old Fort Massac and mustered in November 13, 1862.
Illinois 136th Regiment Infantry organized at Centralia, IL., and mustered in for 100 days June 1, 1864.

Southern Illinois Cemeteries, Updated April 2, 2003

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